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Life After Battling Cancer: These 4 Survivors’ Stories Will Give You Life Goals!

PN Kamala: An 81-year-old who won over cancer with the support of her family and the world of poetry.
Read full story of a 81 year old Breast Cancer Survivor who is living her life as 18 year old after the decade of Cancer treatment .

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.” – Stuart Scott Stories of people who have battled cancer and are now living happy, healthy lives can help fill so many hearts with inspiration. Those suffering from cancer can seek hope and motivat...

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This life story of a brave breast cancer survivor is inspiring & heartwarming!

“I was 26 when I first noticed a lump in my breast. I went to the doctor but was misdiagnosed around four times. A year passed and my lump had grown from 2 cm to 10 cm.
Story of a Young Breast Cancer Survivor.
Read out the full story- https://www.theindianfeed.in/being-you-story-breast-cancer/

Amidst all those intoxicating pieces of news that challenge the very existence of ‘good’, this story certainly deserves a read. A woman in the 26th year of life marks a lump in her breasts, consults doctors and gets misdiagnosed every time. And she finds out cancer in stage lll as per reports fr...

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Men, too, can have breast cancer: Hear it from a survivor

Men, too, can have breast cancer: Hear it from a survivor-Sanjay Goel
Cancer is definitely not a death warrant anymore as it was thought earlier. “I am a prime example that there is life beyond cancer. In fact, I feel earlier I would just pass time, now I am living life. I am traveling, doing Yoga and everything else that I wasn’t doing before. My wife and I have even adopted a girl child and ... See more

Breast cancer in men is rare. But it’s a disease most men can’t detect easily or feel comfortable talking about, as a result of which treatment is often very delayed.

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A breast cancer survivor answers the questions you have always wanted to ask

A breast cancer survivor answers the questions you have always wanted to ask
How is life after cancer?
I lead a disciplined life after treatment. I am conscious of a work-life balance, I eat on time, eat right, and practice yoga regularly. I try to have sound sleep for seven-eight hours. I continue giving my best at the workplace.
Check out the link below for more Answers and ... See more

Kamaldeep Peter on her journey from being a person with breast cancer, to survivor, and member of a support group

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Breast Cancer Is NOT Just a Woman’s Thing, Men Get It Too

Breast cancer is inundated with pink. Pink ribbons, pinkathons, pink products, pink monuments. The pinkification has put the disease on the map and the funds in place, but cancer does not discriminate.
Male Breast Cancer Survivor.
Read his full story of struggle from the link below
Niramai Technology is detecting breast cancer in Male's ... See more

Everyone is born with breast tissue. Men too. Don’t be naive, 1 in 170 breast cancer patients are men.

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This woman fought 3rd stage breast cancer with everything she had, and won

"I divide my life into two eras: BC and AD, that is, Before Cancer and After Diagnosis," Farida says, with her natural sense of humour clearly shining through. "Earlier I lived life trying to fit into the roles I played. But then cancer changed me. I did not play any roles but slowly became my natural self...Whew! It was a huge relief. I valued my time with my children, and turned out to be an ... See more

Farida Rizwan refused to let her family history of illnesses affect her future, or that of her children.

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Survivor story of a Breast Cancer patient

Cancer is not a death sentence –Early detection saves lives. “If you have any symptoms, don’t ignore them. Go to your doctor as soon as possible. I want to tell any women who finds a lump not to be scared but to deal with it immediately. This is a curable disease.” says- Meena Bijlani, Breast Cancer Survivor. Read the full story of a survivor by clicking on the link below!
Niramai's ... See more

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On National Technology Day, 7 startups using future tech to disrupt sectors

As more and more sectors see disruption via technology, here are some startups using advanced tech to transform sectors such as health, defence, and others.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation backs Niramai to develop a cure for river blindness

Artificial intelligence-based healthtech startup Niramai announced on Tuesday that it is developing an AI-based computer-aided software for controlling the spread of River Blindness, a tropical skin disease caused by a parasitic worm transmitted through the bite of blackflies.

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Meet 5 Indian startups you didn’t know were working on making cancer easier to diagnose

India is simply not equipped to deal with the number of cancer cases diagnosed each year. A handful of startups are trying to change that by using technology to improve screening and ensure early detection.

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India in Japan (Consulate General of India, Osaka-Kobe)

Consul Commercial Dr. Vaibhav Tandale participated in HackOsaka 2019 where two Indian start ups Nirog Street / Niramai pitched their product & Niramai won the Gold Prize for this year Congratulations Niramai !

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Global Innovation Conference Hack Osaka

Gold Prize at Hack Osaka #Japan

Hack Award 2019 🏆
Gold prize⭐️
NIRAMAI Health Analytix Private Limited
Silver prize⭐️
株式会社 no new folk studio Japan
Bronze prize⭐️

Congrats ‼️

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今年7回目を迎えるHackOsaka、ピッチコンテスト「Hack Award 2019」にヘルスケアなどのチーム10社が世界中から集結 - THE BRIDGE(ザ・ブリッジ)

Niramai wins Gold Prize at Hack Osaka contest in Japan.

(写真はいずれも主催者提供) 大阪市は14日、年次のスタートアップ・カンファレンスである「HackOsaka 2019」を開催し、日本内外から投資家・...

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NIRAMAI celebrates 'International Women’s Day' with slew of initiatives - BioVoiceNews

The medical technology startup has partnered with 21 hospitals and diagnostic centres to deploy its solution. Breast cancer screenings costing Rs 1500 will be available at a special discount of 50 percent throughout March...…………….

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Niramai, a healthtech startup which has addressed one of the most critical segments - Cancer!

Read on to know how- https://4-2.co/2TMlXU2


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We are #celebratingwomanhood this #march
Offering 50% discount on all breast cancer screening tests at our centres.
#womensday #internationalwomensday #breastcancer

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Happy Women's Day! Beat Breast Cancer. Take charge of your breast health. Be a #NiramaiWoman

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Analytics India Magazine

Dr. Geetha Manjunath is the Founder, CEO and CTO of Niramai, a deep tech startup which has developed a novel solution for detecting early stage breast cancer in a privacy-aware manner.

Dr Geetha is speaking at Rising 2019 | Women in AI Conference | 8th Mar International Womens Day | Bangalore

#rising2019 #womeninai #womensday ... See more

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AI-healthcare startup Niramai raises $6 M Series A funding led by Dream Incubator

Niramai Health Analytix has raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Japanese VC firm Dream Incubator and others.

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NIRAMAI Demo (1 min)

End user experience of NIRAMAI test

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