The core of  NIRAMAI solution is Thermalytix, a computer aided diagnostic engine that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The solution uses a high resolution thermal sensing device and a cloud hosted analytics solution for analysing the thermal images. Our SaaS solution has been developed using big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning for reliable, early and accurate breast cancer screening.

The innovative methods used in our solution have led to 11 Granted US patents.

  1. Privacy booth for breast cancer screening (Granted by USPTO recently)
  2. Classifying hormonal receptor status of malignant tumorous tissue from breast thermographic images, US 10,368,846
  3. Thermography based breast cancer screening using a measure of symmetry,  US 10,307,141
  4. Blood vessel extraction in two-dimensional thermography, US 10,198,670
  5. Automatic segmentation of breast tissue in a thermographic image, US 10,068,330
  6. Software tool for breast cancer screening, US 9,898,817
  7. Contour-based determination of malignant tissue in a thermal image, US 9,865,052
  8. Software interface tool for breast cancer screening, US  10,055,542
  9. System and method for detecting cancerous tissue from a thermal image, US 9,622,698
  10. Detecting tumorous breast tissue in a thermal image, US 9,486,146

Our novel algorithms have also been peer-reviewed in international scientific conferences.

List of Peer-Reviewed Publications in Medical and AI journals  (Access Restricted)