Early detection helps save lives.

Get yourself screened with NIRAMAI’s award winning Thermalytix solution.

  • Home Screening
  • Hospital/Clinic Screening
  • Organize Screening Camp

How home screening works?

1. Appointment booking and confirmation
Once you raise a home screening request, Niramai executive will reach out to you to confirm the time of appointment and provide any information that you may need about the test.
2. At-home screening
We will be assigning a well-trained female technician to conduct the checkup in the comfort of your home. The technician will carry all equipment required for the setup and reach the location at designated time. The overall process will take 40 minutes including time for setting up/wrap up and screening.
3. Reporting
Once the screening process is completed, you will receive your report within 1 working day. All the reports are certified by our radiologist.

For any queries, please write to homescreening@niramai.com.

Please Select a City:

1. Book an appointment
Please share your details in the form to book an appointment. Niramai representative will contact you, provide more information about the test and will suggest a centre near to you. Niramai test is available in over 150 location in 29 cities, namely Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Vadodara, Dehradun, Mysore, Bhopal, Gurgaon and more.
2. Get screened
Visit the diagnostic centre and get screened with absolute privacy. Payment for the tests need to be made to the centre directly.
3. Get your reports and advice on further course of action
Receive your radiologist-certified breast health report over email or print copy.

Leave your details and we will get in touch with you to make the arrangements

Want To Organize a Camp?

If you are from a Corporate Welness Team, Non-Profit Organization, Cancer Society or a Group Healthcare provider or an individual who wants to help women, you may want to organize screening camps for rural women or urban poor. We will be glad to help you plan and execute the camp seamlessly. Please leave your details in this form and we will get in touch with you to make the arrangements.

Want To Sponsor?

Niramai conducts screening camps for women with no access to healthcare facilities. We welcome sponsorships from donors interested in supporting breast cancer screening for the under-privileged women.
For the Donor
  • Visible communication to the beneficiaries about the sponsorship during the camp.
  • Field report about the impact created after the camp is concluded.
  • 80G benefits.
  • Mainly, the satisfaction of helping the needy.
For the Women
  • Cancer detection at their doorsteps.
  • On the spot diagnosis and treatment guidance.
  • Privacy aware, non-invasive and safe test.
  • Free of cost.