NIRAMAI fights COVID-19 Pandemic

Recent outbreak of COVID-19 has shocked everyone. The pandemic is currently one of the most life-threatening problems in the world. Here is what Niramai team is working on to help using technology-enabled solutions to fight COVID.

1. Breast Screening @ Home

Breast Health Checkup at the comfort of your homes

Just because there is COVID, cancer is not going to wait. High risk women still need to be tested for probably cancers. However, they are unable to go to a hospital for a Mammography test . So, NIRAMAI launched a breast health test that can be conducted at the comfort of their homes. Since Thermalytix Breast Health Test is non-contact and radiation-free, the test will be conducted with full safety following all COVID precautionary protocols. Click here to book an appointment for Home Screening.

2. Niramai FeverTest

Simple screening for COVID symptoms

Community screening is the most important aspect to reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease. Identifying likely infected people in public places helps in controlling the spread well. Among the most common symptoms seen in likely COVID positive patients are fever, dry throat and possible sneezing. NIRAMAI has developed a suite of products to seamlessly identify people with possible symptoms of COVID without interfering with their activities. To know more about FeverTest seehere

3. XraySetu

An AI-driven X-Ray Analysis for COVID intervention via WhatsApp

One of the primary methods of getting the Covid-19 pandemic under control is through massive testing and isolation. As the number of Covid-19 cases rises across the globe, massive testing faces the following challenges: 1) Duration of reliable pathology tests for the virus such as RT-PCR usually take 2-5 days which results in late diagnosis and late intervention. 2) Testing centers are typically situated in cities which makes a timely diagnosis for rural patients difficult. 3) Testing centers have a limited capacity per day which can not be scaled quickly. 

NIRAMAI, in collaboration with IISc and clinicians, developed a new Whatsapp-based Chest XRay analysis service to address this issue. This service was pilot tested from June 2020 until April 2020. This FREE service helped over 300 rural doctors to provide better early intervention and treatment to more than 1000 COVID patients. See news article

The free service is now available for all doctors as a Whatsapp Chatbot called XraySetu. Any doctor can send a Chest Xray image via whatsapp to +9180 4616 3838 and get a provisional interpretation result within minutes. This service has been developed in collaboration with IISc and ARTPARK. For more information about XraySetu, visit