Sridhar Ramanathan

Sridhar is a Start-up enthusiast and has played active leadership roles in all the journeys he has been a part of. He has developed Life Science Products, Integrated Diagnostic Devices and implemented robust processes that enable start-ups to move from concept to scale. At Niramai, Sridhar is focused on getting our internal processes compliant with the requirements of ISO 13485 and managing the regulatory requirements. He is also focused on improving our process efficiencies to ensure a delightful customer experience.

Prior to Niramai, Sridhar was the President and CTO of HealthCubed where he developed 2 POC platforms that enables the monitoring of up to 40 health parameters including vitals, 12 Lead ECG, Biochemistry, Infectious Diseases and Cardiac markers. This device was extensively used by doctors and in Public Health, most recently the Anemia Free India program run by the Govt. of India. Until 2017, Sridhar played several leadership roles in ReaMetrix and subsequently, in the Bangalore Development Centre of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences in the design, development, and commercialization of a proprietary dried reagent technology with applications in IVD and Life Sciences Research.