Akash Narayana

Akash Narayana is passionate about applying AI in healthcare. He brings in rich experience from both healthcare and automotive Industries. He has predominantly worked on projects in computer vision and system modeling. He spent close to 16 years with Mercedes-Benz R & D India, working on various pre-development projects, especially towards the Fuel Cell vehicle development program. He has a Master’s by research on a computational neuroscience topic from IISc. He switched back to healthcare in 2015, and has worked in Philips Healthcare & few startups. He has worked on ML for advanced radiology visualisation platform at Philips Healthcare. In his previous startups, he has worked on disease characterization with retinal images of preterm born babies, dry eye analysis and a fever-detection product coupled with face recognition.
A voracious reader, loves nature walks and is proud of participating in a 7 day cycling tour – Tour of Nilgiris. He carries with him immense life lessons from his volunteering activities towards education for the underprivileged.