Niramai wins at the 5th Commonwealth Digital Health Awards

We are happy to announce Niramai’s victory at the Commonwealth Digital Health Awards in the category of non-communicable diseases.

Niramai Health Analytix, India’s foremost and innovative AI-based breast cancer screening company has won the 5th Commonwealth Digital Health Awards in the category of non-communicable disease. 

The event celebrates digital innovations and encourages health and well-being transformation for individuals. The 5th edition of this event provided a launch pad for medical innovations to reach the next level amidst the new normal. The vision of the Commonwealth Center for Digital Health is that all Commonwealth nations should have affordable access to the benefits of Digital Health solutions and services. 

Niramai’s flagship product ‘Thermalytix’ uses a high-resolution thermal sensing device and a cloud-hosted analytics solution for analyzing thermal images using data analytics and artificial intelligence for reliable, early, and accurate breast cancer screening. NIRAMAI’s solution has led to 26 granted patents with 11 US patents and others across India, Singapore, China, and Canada. Niramai’s thermal screening facility is an experience that is non-invasive, painless, radiation-free, and generates screening reports immediately. The screening can be done any number of times and without any age restriction as it is radiation-free and can be used to detect lumps or abnormalities in the breast at an early stage. 

Dr. Geetha Manjunath, Founder & CEO, of Niramai, said,

“I am delighted to receive this Global Common Wealth Digital Health Award on behalf of NIRAMAI. We thank the organizing committee for creating this platform to showcase health tech innovation and the jury for recognizing the importance of our affordable, accessible, non-invasive privacy-aware method of screening for breast cancer. All the credits of this award goes to the passionate Niramai team who are consistently and persistently trying to solve this problem since the last 6 years. We thank our mentors, investors, and well-wishers for supporting us throughout this journey. Breast cancer is curable, so let us all work together to stop deaths caused due to it.”